recoil, recall, re-coil explore emotions of forced loss, ancestral memory and resilient recovery of vital Aboriginal women's weaving practices through my own journey of discovery and learning.  
Three white words against a black background speak to these deep and painful emotions of loss, memory and recovery. The forced recoiling from cultural practices of our Ancestors, Grandmothers and Aunties. The long journey to the recalling of techniques, stories and customs. Finally to the resilient re-coiling of fibres by women, reconnecting us to our past. 
The small dilly bag is my own first ever attempt to learn the bag making techniques of my Maternal Ancestors. Though a process of isolated self teaching, this wagardi (dilly bag) was made by studying a bag given to me as a young girl by my  Alap (Grandmother). The bag begins unsure and loose, with each twist and coil gaining confidence.

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