Each time we access a memory - we alter it, changing small details, omitting parts and adding new information. Our memories are incredibly delicate, layered things with the ability to completely shape our identity or simply fade away into the soft haze of our past. 
Using layers of paper to explore the complex nuances of memory through three artist books, each layer has been cut from the same page, then added to the books in a different order.
The first page has been folded, unfolded and refolded while recalling particular memories. The paper in turn remembering the fold lines, creating unique maps of memory criss-crossing the page. 
The materiality of the folded pages are different, causing the paper to respond to the action of folding uniquely. The sugar paper easy to bend while the thick card more ridged and immovable. This speaks to the weight and power we assign memories, some are soft and fleeting, while some ridged and permanently etched into who we are. 
The layers of paper left unseen reference the memories hidden behind memories that must be actively recalled in order to read. The final layer of thin vellum making it hard to see clearly the delicate folds beneath, ensuring close study is necessary to view all details. 

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