Finalist 2018 Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award
Lyrebird, Lire Bird, Liar Bird. Watercolour on paper. 
Coral, Stone, Glass, Found and collected on Larrakia Country.
Collected and Coiled, Natural raffia, womens chest adornment string. 
This work is reflective of a 12 month personal journey working towards overcoming feelings of self doubt, self identification and crippling imposter syndrome. Through the use of language I have explored the self imposed feelings of cultural mimicry (lyrebird), of being pale skin and racially ambiguous (lire bird to mean the fleshy part of the woman) and the deep feelings of imposter syndrome caused by many overlapping identities and the societal pressure to justify my identities in certain spaces (Liar Bird). 
Three small found object mirror the concept of Fauna, Flesh and Feeling. The coral representing the fauna, the ochre stone representing the flesh and finally the shard of glass representing the feeling. All three are the same shape and size collected on the same beach but with different inherent material qualities and origins. 
The coiled sting is a chest adornment piece I made for myself based on research using images from the Pitt Rivers Museum photo database showing Larrakia women and girls. The display of the sting being coiled as opposed to the intended form, represents the sometimes distance feelings between culture, ancestors and being a mixed identity Aboriginal Woman. It has been displayed as would have been sent to a museum after collecting, removing it from its purpose and its personal associations with the wearer and maker. The use of raffia as instead of traditional Larrakia materials are to represent the piece as being a ‘fake’ cultural object, an imposter, so too the wearer and maker. 

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